medicine cabinet… update

well, i did it. i was hanging out over at Mother ‘Hood and there was a post about cleaning products. this post launched quite a conversation about products we have in our home.

i mentioned awhile ago that my medicine cabinet was taunting me and begging to be purged and made over. after spending the afternoon with the comment section of the MH post and then watching a DVR recorded “dateline” episode, i was bothered. bothered enough to act and do the job that i first thought of doing nearly 3 months ago.

i spent a mere 30 minutes digging through the medicine cabinet and the drawers of the built-in in our bathroom. 30 minutes… that’s it! not only did i toss all of the meds we keep around for ‘just-in-case’ situations, but i tossed everything with fragrances, unpronounceable ingredients, and general clutter. i will also confess that i found a few bottles of expired herbs and drugs.

so here’s the aftermath…
disturbing, huh? that’s a full grocery sack and a box of pain killers, cold meds, enough lotion to moisturize a small country of wrinkly old women, and other random varieties of crap.

so here’s the big question… what do i do with all of this? i don’t want to just toss it all in the garbage can to wind up in a landfill. tom and i talked about emptying all of the bottles and recycling what we can and then tossing the drugs. somehow that doesn’t seem like the best option either. is there a safe way to dispose of medications and chemical based products? or do i need to come to terms with the idea that it’s all going to inevitably end up in our streams, lakes and oceans? this isn’t a rhetorical question- i really want to know.

now for the good news. the medicine cabinet has been reorganized with the few items that remained. i also was able to empty a drawer from the built-in and add it to the space leftover in the cabinet

so… top to bottom:
-the first aid overstock shelf (gauze pads, extra large bandages, etc…)
-stella bean’s asthma relief and respiratory shelf. i finally have a spot for the nebulizer and her masks!
-rarely used medications (which is VERY limited now) and extra stock of toiletries
-the girl’s jewelry boxes, travel kits and quick-grab first aid kit (on the right)
-tom’s meds (of which there are many right now) and tinctures
-tampons and will soon be loaded with spare rolls of toilet paper

i must confess that typically i’m the person who over thinks every step of the purging process and i genuinely feel some sort of attachment to everything that’s considered, even if it’s just recognizing it’s monetary value. it’s utterly ridiculous. the reason this purge took me 3 months to complete is because i really thought it would take me hours to evaluate the contents of that damn cabinet. on any other day, with less inspiration, it probably would have taken me hours.

one thing i’ve learned though- every time i purge another cabinet in my house, my head feels a little clearer. i’m starting to subscribe to the idea of feng shui. and every time i push another box or another bag past the threshold of my home, it gets a little easier and the satisfaction gets a little greater.