Meet My Scrub Brush!

I just can’t stop posting…

This is my scrub brush. I use it for all my hand washing, which includes every one of my pots and pans, as well as for prepping dishes for the washing machine. And I scrub vegetables with it.

How old would you guess it is?

Look at the straightness of the bristles, the color…

Have a guess yet?

Ok, here’s the answer:

3 1/2 years old.

That’s right, I got this brush as a wedding gift. The $20 price tag was attached, and I remember thinking, Twenty dollars for a brush? Why would anyone spend that much?

Of course, by now, I probably would have spent at least $20 replacing cheap brushes. Meanwhile, my fabulous brush continues to look just as good and scrub just as well as it did the first time!

You can buy replacement heads, but who knows when that will be necessary!

It can be purchased here.


Remind me why I don’t go to Goodwill more often?

A few days ago, I bought a glass pitcher at World Market for $11.99.

Yesterday, I bought the green pitcher at our local Goodwill. Today, I bought the two clear pitchers at the Clackamas Goodwill. My total for the 3? $9.97.

Guess what I’m going to be returning at World Market?

And of course, I can’t tell you how excited I am to be ditching our plastic pitchers. Dan even suggested that we pour our filtered water into one of them instead of leaving it in the Brita pitcher! Maybe my daughters can wait until they’re in the double-digits to go through puberty!