About Us

Budget Hippies is primarily a shared notepad of information for two cousins, Jenni and Rae, who are trying to change our lifestyles and those of our children on limited budgets.

Our hope is that, as we share information with each other and use it to better our own lives, homes, and plates, you will be able to learn along with us.

We believe that no one’s income should prevent them from leading a healthy, sustainable life. And we believe that, for most people, it won’t. Anything is possible with enough determination, and we are two determined mamas!

Join us as we fight for our families’ health and for the world, one careful purchase at a time!

P.S.  We’re always looking for new information and fresh perspectives!  If you have a question for us or a topic you’d like us to address, or if you’re interested in being a contributing author on Budget Hippies, please email us at budgethippies at gmail dot com.


3 Responses

  1. Hi there,

    I’d like to add a text link from budgethippies.wordpress.com to my finance site.

    Could you please let me know your pricing information?

    Thanks very much,


  2. Hi,

    I noticed your posts about saving money and wanted to send this along for possible story consideration on Holiday strategic shopping that conquers budgets with bulk shopping and “buddy bonding”…

    There will be a great deal of “making a list and checking it twice” to maximize budgets this Holiday season, and one strategy is in “buddy shopping” – it’s all about the “power of two” for cost-effective and strategic warehouse club shopping for the Holidays. We work with BJ’s Wholesale Club and shoppers can save while taking advantage of the benefits of bulk and multi-pack savings. In addition to their own coupons, BJ’s accepts manufacturer’s coupons – the only warehouse club that does – that allows for multiple coupons to be redeemed on multi-packs of “individual for sale” packaged items. An example would be: BJ’s sells a 2 pack of mouth wash that is normally sold and packaged as individual items in other major retail stores; you could use up to two coupons on this type of packaging in addition to many other items – and then split the cost and items in half between shopping partners – for even more savings.

    Items great for divvying up include paper goods, toiletries, produce, meats, candy, cookie and muffin variety packs, juices, soda, bottled water, soap and cleaners…just to name a few. By splitting big packages, Holiday shoppers are also spending less per item than if purchased at a local grocery store (more than 30 percent over supermarket prices).

    Besides savings on money, time and gas, shopping partners can finish off the “savings experience” with their own kitchen-side “packaging party,” to divy up the purchases and then settle back knowing they’ve checked off their lists with the best savings possible.

    Thanks for your consideration,

    Tracy Tilson

  3. Thanks for your note, Tracy. Unfortunately, the strategies that you describe here are not consistent with the purpose and focus of this site. We could not in good conscience encourage our readers to go on a shopping spree for new, pre-packaged items that are not manufactured with the earth or our delicate human bodies in mind.

    To all of you that have expressed interest in linking from our site, thank you. We are not accepting solicitations for links at this time, either in trade or for monetary reimbursement. If at any point this changes, we will either publicly announce it on our site, including criteria for such sites, or we will individually pursue sites that we believe reflect our values. At no time will we ever agree to link to a site that is not in keeping with our mission here at Budget Hippies.

    Thank you all and Happy Holidays.

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