disinfecting cleaners

so… my lovelies had the pukes this weekend and i was desperately trying to figure out the best way to clean up behind them.  i’m a die-hard for the clorox bleach spray (gasp!  i know… bad, bad, bad) but i’m really trying to kick the habit.  i found a site that lists a number of homemade disinfectants, but i couldn’t seem to figure out which one would be the best option (or if there is a best option)

here’s the recipe choices

  • Regular cleaning with plain soap and hot water will kill some bacteria.
  • Borax has long been recognized for its disinfectant and deodorizing properties. Mix 1/2 cup Borax into 1 gallon hot water or undiluted vinegar and clean with this solution.
  • Mix a half-cup of borax with 1 gallon hot water. Add a few sprigs of fresh thyme, rosemary or lavender. Steep for 10 minutes, strain and cool. Or add essential fragrant oils instead of fresh herbs. Store in a plastic spray bottle.
  • 2 tablespoons borax, 1/4 cup lemon juice, 2 cups hot water. Combine the borax and lemon juice with the water in a spray bottle. Use as you would any commercial all-purpose cleaner.
  • Isopropyl Alcohol is an excellent disinfectant. Sponge on and allow todry. Use in a well-ventilated area and wear gloves.

i kind of came up with my own hodge podge recipe combo thing… i ended up using:

  • a quarter of a tsp. of tea tree oil
  • 1/4 cup of borax
  • and topped the rest of the 32 oz. spray bottle off with vinegar

i’m starting to wonder though if i went over the top with the disinfecting agents.  or is that possible?  does anyone else have any tried and true cleaning recipes or more specifically, a disinfecting spray recipe that they rely on?  also, can borax be used in a front loader HE washing machine?  i now have a massive box of borax so i guess i’m going to jump in with both feet into this homemade cleaner adventure.


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  1. I’ve used borax in my front loader, thou, I’m no expert and not really sure how to “properly” use it.
    gSarah has a great disinfecting cleaning spray recipe I like.

    As follows:

    ¼ cup distilled white vinegar
    ¼ cup lemon juice
    2 tbsp castile soap
    1 tbsp TTO
    4-6 drops any EO you like (as usual, I use grapefruit.)
    24 oz spray bottle

    This one works great in the bathroom, too! If you want to use it on mirrors, glass tops, etc. leave out the soap to avoid streaking. For crusties, sprinkle with Baking Soda first

    Let me also admit that I keep bleach around in small quantities. Sometimes, it’s just necessary, imho.

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