if you’re in the portland area, i highly recommend you visit this site and see if you can recycle anything you might be purging. by now i hope you know how jen and i feel about recycling (and not filling landfills in general), so this post should come as no surprise.

for more information, visit this page. it goes into detail about what will and won’t be accepted and how to sort it. don’t be afraid- it’s minimal work and the payoff is huge!

this page will provide you with the locations.

so c’mon! PURGE! get rid of all of that plastic crap that’s taking up space and leaching toxins. go take inventory of your backyard and ditch the junk now!


One Response

  1. A blessing on your heads!
    I just got off of the junk mail lists!
    Happy happy hippy day for me!

    Of course now I will have less to recycle 😉

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